Qatar Vinyl Company Ltd (QVC) Q.S.C.

Incorporated in 1997 as a joint venture, it is currently owned by MPHC (55.2%), Qapco (31.9%) and Qatar Petroleum (12.9%).

Key Products

Caustic Soda

Caustic soda is a colourless, viscous, corrosive liquid with a neutral odour.  It is used in numerous industries including paper-making, water treatment, soaps and detergents, textiles and in the production of alumina.

Ethylene Dichloride (“EDC”)

EDC is a colourless to yellowish liquid with a faint chloroform-type odour.  It is used primarily in the production of vinyl chloride monomer (“VCM”).  The majority of EDC produced is used for captive consumption for the production of VCM, with the remainder exported.

Vinyl Chloride Monomer (“VCM”)

VCM is a colourless gas with a faint odour.  VCM is used primarily in the production of polyvinyl chloride (“PVC”) - a versatile plastic with a wide range of end-uses.  Over 80% of global demand for PVC is in long-term durable applications for infrastructure development, such as pipes for water and sewer distribution to wire and cable, home siding, windows, doors and flooring.

Hydrochloric Acid (“HCl”)

HCl is a colourless to yellowish-green, clear corrosive liquid with a pungent, irritating odour.  It is used in oilfield chemicals and water treatment.