Through MPHC sustainability reporting, we exhibit our dedication to transparency and constructive engagement with our internal and external stakeholders, providing them with informative summaries about the impact of our business on economic, environmental, social and governance aspects.

We disclose in these report(s) our operational performance for the group companies as given below:
• Qatar Chemical Company (Q-Chem)
• Qatar Chemical Company II (Q-Chem II)
• Qatar Vinyl Company (QVC)

The sustainability aspects in these report(s) are summarized and presented at a consolidated level for MPHC and its Group Companies.

The pursuit of excellence is embedded in MPHC’s sustainability philosophy that is focused on operating at highest standards of safety, preserving the environment, and promoting economic growth and community well-being.

The sustainability elements (Economic, Environment, Social, and Governance) are aligned with MPHC’s corporate strategy of value creation in each of the segments in which MPHC operates.